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I began my tango apprenticeship in 1998, in Tango Salon, Tango Stage and Argentine Folklore in the north of Argentina.

I dedicated myself to developing knowledge of social tango which motivated/inspired me to study and develop resources for teaching tango for different age groups, levels and styles. Thus, in 2000, I began teaching social tango at cultural centers in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, and since 2007 I was also DJ at my own milongas, organizer of tango competitions and organizer of tango events with international tango dancers.

In early 2013, I moved to Buenos Aires, where I have continued learning, practicing and studying tango in all its aspects.

In 2014, after having been amongst the semifinalist at the Tango World Championship several times, I finally reached the Final of the World Championship of tango in Buenos Aires. After this success, I started traveling with my former dance partner Veronica Rue. Together we traveled to Europe, Asia and Latin America, teaching and sharing our knowledge of tango and argentine culture.

Amongst my tango teachers I recognise local teachers from the North of Argentina such as: Juanita Zurriable, Gustavo Zelaya, Fabio Narváez y Lorena Yacono, Víctor Acho and my teachers in Buenos Aires: Roberto Herrera, Tanguito Cejas, Mario Morales, Claudio González and Melina Brufman, Martín Ojeda y Eliana Sánchez, Diego Ortega and Aldana Silveira, Christian Sosa, Silvia Toscano, Gabriel Missé, Sebastian Missé, Elina Roldan, Eduardo Parejita, Martina Waldman and José Fernández, Alejandra Mantinan, Jorge Dispari.

At the moment I visited 21 countries, among the cities that I was working as Teacher, Dancer and DJ are: York, Newcastle Uppon Tyne, Leeds-Bradford, Darlington, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford, Londres (England), Glasgow, Paisley (Scotland), Cork, Watford and Dublín (Ireland), Copenhague (Denmark), Múnich and Karlsruhe (Germany), Zaragoza, Alicante, Badajoz, Granada and Murcia (Spain), Niza (France), Monaco (Monaco), Verona and Milán (Italy), Chongqing, Shangai, Hangzou (China), Yakarta and Bali (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok and Pattaya (Thailandia), Manila (Philippines), Kyiv and Dnipro (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), La Paz and Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Erevan (Armenia)


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